Tobias and Marion | Maya Ubud Resort

Constant Love

To be faithful is to wake up every single morning with a mind that is made up — that the you will always stick with your lover, no matter the circumstances. To be faithful is to show the other person the support that they need to achieve their dreams, and help build within them a measure of security and assurance. To be faithful is to never let doubt, assumptions, and jealousy win the war inside your head, but instead, letting love, kindness, and peace rule your actions and your hearts. To be faithful is, sometimes, denying the alluring sense of comfort, and to deliberately choose to put grace and forgiveness first.

Love isn’t just about the big, celebrated moments that are seen. Not just about the moment you fell in love, the moment you asked for a hand in marriage, nor is it about the wedding ceremonies. Love is found in the simple, everyday things that are unseen.


Find faithfulness in the mundane, everyday life. Seek faithfulness in the little things, the things you have here and now. A constant love is a love that is content and committed. Never let that kind of love go.


Lyubomir and Bilyana | Wedding Day | Holiday Inn Baruna Bali Resort
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